October 30th 2018

ep. 112 || redefining success

yvana novus-magee

How do you define success? Status, title, money, be at a certain place by a certain age in life? This week’s guest Vyana Novus-Magee shares an alternative perspective that she’s implemented in her life, and made into a handy-dandy journal, after becoming a mother, re-triggering past trauma, and having a near-death experience. We talk living with mental-health challenges, the power of self-acknowledgement, becoming a mother, and how to simply meet life when it’s asks more of us than we think we’re able to give. You can grab Vyana’s ‘Redefining Success Journal’ on Amazon. 

Vyana Novus-Magee is a queer mother and artist based in Ojai, California. Her content and creations pull from her experience living with Complex-PTSD, and the journey she has taken to reclaim pleasure and purpose in her life. You can hear her discussing such topics as boundaries, consent, vulnerability, unsolicited advice, and trust at her Redefining Success & Pleasure retreats held within the US and abroad.

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in this episode we explore:

  • Breaking down colloquialisms for careful communication

  • Renegotiating agreements and commitments

  • Giving meaning to our lives that best serves us

  • Redefining success so it resonates with our personal experience

  • How history and culture changes our perception of productivity

  • Choosing to be present and consciously changing our life path

  • Birthing artistic creation and giving life

  • Experiencing motherhood with Complex-PTSD

[TRIGGER WARNING: We discuss the various occurrences that contributed to Vyana’s Complex-PTSD and if you have PSTD in your own life, please be forewarned that this talk may share things that are hard to hear.]


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Resources shared in this episode:

  • Grab a copy of The Redefining Success Journal: A daily journal to celebrate life's accomplishments and journey into your own definitions for personal success.

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